Wednesday, March 30, 2016

let product excellence is indeed an art

ZVEZDOCHKA Nike pioneer in sustainable design. It inherits the Nike environmental design concept, reduce material waste throughout the design and production process. It is worth mentioning that, due to the modular concept put forward in the shoe during production, without the use of conventional shoes required when making more binders. ZVEZDOCHKA is closed Nike products (ie infinitely recyclable product) made the first attempt to make it possible Imagine a more sustainable future.

Today, ZVEZDOCHKA Nike's influence in perhaps the most significant innovation sustainability. This shoe encourage people to use innovative thinking to accelerate the pace of Nike lightweight, simple and sustainable products forward.In retrospect.From the birth of the first generation ZVEZDOCHKA already has years of history. Recently, Mark • Parker and Marc Newson • recalled the project.ZVEZDOCHKA represents a wholesale jordan shoes new way of shoe construction. This is a challenge to tradition. Why to overturn the traditional design so important?

• Mark Parker: In order to promote meaningful change, sometimes you need to overturn the traditional, open up a new way. If you are using a conventional cutting way, we can not produce ZVEZDOCHKA. But we did not think that this ingenious idea that we will introduce a one such area. Sometimes that is the right time, with the right tools, raised the right questions. I think things are always in a state of equilibrium being. To get the product to stimulate an emotional reaction, you do not always need to start from scratch. It is very important to achieve a breakthrough, but let product excellence is indeed an art.

• Mark Newson: As a designer, I think it is very important to challenge the limits, we must focus on the future, think about things in the future. Otherwise, it will become out of touch with reality. For me, design jordans for women is the use of new technologies, new processes and new materials to constantly explore new possibilities. This often requires involving a variety of different industries.
ZVEZDOCHKA how the future will continue to influence the design of the Nike and other brands?

• Mark Parker: ZVEZDOCHKA design concept for the Nike pioneered many exciting opportunities, including personalized, modular design, sustainable manufacturing. Design is an iterative process. An idea often based in another idea. Looking ahead, the thought of personalization and modular true religion brand jeans design to create opportunities, I was filled with fighting spirit. Of course, sustainable design, ZVEZDOCHKA will continue to have a profound impact. The shoes abandoned all restraint, creating a sustainable future. This will be our relentless pursuit of the goal.

• Mark Newson: In general, past and future, the impact it generates not only to solve the design problem from another angle. Therefore, from the point of view of reality and concept, this shoe is a product rather than a google dress.Nike ZVEZDOCHKA will be on sale from December 29 through the Shanghai NikeLabX158, Hong Kong NikeLab PS7.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

NIKEiD "inspiration pass CLASSIC" writing contest China division game hot baked results.

After a month of collection and selection, NIKEiD "inspiration pass CLASSIC" writing contest China division game hot baked results. true religion jeans men Eventually, from Wuhan, Hubei Province, now studying at the Institute of Architectural Design of Guangxi Lushan sophomore Wu Han Hao stand out from many contestants, she dialed the first prize. June 9, NIKEiD "inspiration pass CLASSIC" writing contest China division awards event was held at the Nike flagship store in Shanghai, discount gucci handbags the contest jury, and many players come together, share ideas infinite passion brought together to celebrate 2010 World football event draws near.Li Ning August 7 ushered 20th birthday, 20 years to look back together classic basketball shoes. American classic denim brand Lee has taken the brand in Taiwan Fall 2010 ad campaign, Ethan Lee as the new spokesperson, Lee this season's advertising theme, "while now Own the Moment". Ethan are tailor-Fall 2010 Nike Women's Training Series products provide support for women threw himself cheap michael kors purses into training each one is to. As Nike's new sports Bra series in a 2010 fall, Nike sports Bra provides the greatest degree of support for different levels of training intensity.The main reason people CLOT Edison to create a suitable environment to wear the clothes. CLOT 2010 SS series THE BLACK SUN is modeled on this concept, this service before the end of the function of re-rendering, while also google reflecting the high human wisdom. Autumn and winter 2010 Nike running series inviting the country's top photographers and Yin Chao Mei Yuangui execute large mirror new season. Autumn and winter 2010 Nike running series inviting the country's top photographers and Yin Chao Mei Yuangui execute large mirror new season.

Oriental Sports Center staged shock. "Dream ten team" to win the US basketball superstar

Star basketball exhibition-cum-music concert jordan shoes for cheap at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center staged shock. "Dream ten team" to win the US basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and Jay moved to Shanghai a showdown. More effort to perform a number of stars in the field, playing basketball and dynamic night burst of music! As the last leg of visit to China this summer, Bryant appeared in the August 17 cheap jordans free shipping Guangzhou, following after 2010, again with the fans in Guangzhou together. As one of the best players Houqiao Dan era, compared to the five championship rings glory, Bryant basketball career adhere better interpretation of his greatness.Classic three stripe design to continue to extend the season adidas NEO Label sneakers series, brings a neat feel in the spring, select the enduring canvas and lightweight full sense of the material as a core product. In 2007, Li Ning brand shoes classic 001 design is modeled on a "service people" do not note style, jordans for women limited 35 pairs. In time classic military rucksacks and red of the inspiration for the design. In Guangzhou Opera House has released 16 new uniforms for the 2012 season Super League club.In last night's NBA All-Star game, the Chicago Bulls headed star Derek - Rose interview. New Jersey is black, natural style, color and sharp,google symbolizing the Dutch team on the court authority and domineering. From the home jersey of bright orange Microhyla right shoulder extending to the chest, but also increased the momentum shirt.

Famous toy manufacturers MINDstyle held a large toy exhibition called "POP LIFE!" At the Beijing 798 space

Famous toy manufacturers MINDstyle held a large toy exhibition called "POP LIFE!" At the Beijing 798 space, including DISNEY, MARVEL true religion outlet and other classic comic units. Hong Kong's famous doll designer Michael Lau, Taiwan fashion designer brand STAYREAL Fuji good, and so also appeared at the event in. At 11:30 on August 28, as scheduled Durant came to Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology Gymnasium, and over the years the Nike Summer League elite tour players in the same field training, occasionally correcting small players in action, cheap jordans for women Adu also encourage them to only tireless training, and constantly better ourselves, to continue to create their own greatness.Autumn 2012, the upcoming white Air Force 1, a pearl color, as the 2012 Nike Sportswear dragon inspired to launch a third double special cheap jordans shoes section AF1, Air Force 1 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of classic shoes. For the majority of users recalled one pair of Nike sneakers classic time. Nike Hyperdunk 2012. LeBron James arrived at the Beijing Wangfujing Nike shop to participate in "crazy shoes" events, with 40 sneakers collectors and fans to communicate.Beijing time on August 21, Beijing, LeBron James China line series of activities in the Chaoyang Stadium, Harbourside Hey turn the stadium. google Air Max Hyperposite has recently introduced two new color, respectively, for the inspiration of the Statue of Liberty "Statue of Liberty" and the New York City-inspired "NYC", giving the eye to the visual shock. The official finally released a clear picture of FIG. Followed by a drawstring at the sewing "Weird Wins" word, fluorescent green outsole, shoe body such as general green ghost flame pattern and the tongue "P" and "N" logo, are very fit and movie themes .